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How to Write a Successful Food Blog

Thinking of starting your own food blog, but not sure where to start? Luckily, here at Planet Eat we have created a series of videos to help you along the way. From perfecting food photography to getting your blog noticed, our videos are sure to teach you a thing or two about becoming a successful food blogger and getting your food blog noticed. Sign up to our online platform for a free, 30-day trial today. 

Food Blogging Videos in Our Series

Yasemen Kaner-White details the best skills and practices required for a strong career in food blogging and travel writing. Using her own experience, Yasemen shows us the many paths your career can take. Watch now.

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When it comes to being a food and travel writer, having in-depth knowledge is vital. Yasemen Kaner-White guides you on how to find your niche and target audience when starting your own food blog.

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When writing a food blog about a restaurant, you may want to include a detailed review. Journalist Judy Cogan shares her checklist of things to remember when writing a food or restaurant review. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about How to Become a Food Writer

How should I start writing?

It is key to know what area you want to specialise in. Once you’ve done this, it is important to keep your website updated with relevant and topical articles, reviews and updates. Creating a content strategy to help organise yourself is a good place to start.

Research is incredibly important, so make sure you are keeping up to date on trends, news and popular search terms when choosing your article topics, choosing which restaurant to review or location to travel too. By keeping your website populated and updated, you will be able to grow your online visibility.

How do I get my articles noticed?

It is best to be authentic and show your readers your personality. If your audience can see more of you and your brand, they can begin to relate and trust you, therefore becoming more likely to engage with you. More engagement means more likes and shares, increasing the reach of your food blog.

It is important to generate interesting content that your readers can easily digest and interact with. Conducting research into popular and trending topics is a good place to start. Covering content people want to see whilst making your blogs unique is difficult, particularly in the competitive food blogging space. Nonetheless, it is a great way to get your writing noticed.

How do I promote my work?

As with any articles, be that online or print, social media can be your best friend. By creating a page on your chosen platforms that represents your brand and tone effectively, you will begin to build a larger online presence and following. Other options such as advertising and guest posting online are also perfect opportunities to push your online presence and share your work.

These video tutorials on how to successfully become a food writer are the perfect guide to help get you started. For more videos like these, simply browse Planet Eat’s other online masterclasses and subscribe today with a free 30-day trial. 

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