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Experimental Cooking Recipes from Planet Eat

Looking to become more experimental in the kitchen? then look no further, join chef Luke Dale Roberts in his exclusive series ‘The Test Kitchen’ courtesy Planet Eat. His internationally acclaimed restaurant in Cape Town, South Africa, is renowned for pushing the boundaries with his experimental flavours.

In this masterclass learn three new and exclusive dishes, perfect when you’re looking to impress. Sign up today and learn how to make restaurant standard meals from home.

Planet Eat is an online food and lifestyle channel have put together a series of easy-to-follow recipes to enjoy and prepare from the comfort of your own home.  

Experimental Cooking Recipes in our Series

In this episode, join chef Luke Dale Roberts as he shows us how to make his take on a Thai lobster salad.

Luke has become well-known for bringing together flavours from different cultures and experimenting with them to create unique and sophisticated dishes.  

Watch and learn here.

In this episode Chef Luke Dale Roberts teaches us how to make bibimbap. Watch as Luke puts together up a “miniaturized” version of this traditional Korean Dish. 

Watch and learn the recipe here.

In this episode, join Chef Luke Dale Roberts in the final instalment of his exclusive series with Planet Eat.

Here, Luke teaches us how to prepare and serve the perfect autumn dessert, bringing together the flavours of quince, chestnut, Jerusalem artichoke, coffee granita.

Watch and learn the recipe here.

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Frequently Asked Questions about our Experimental Cooking Recipes

Why is experimental cooking important?

Experimental cooking is key to the development and growth of our culinary skills and pallets. This doesn’t just include trying new flavours, it’s about adapting your skills and trying new ideas with the tools provided.

Experimental cooking allows us to expand and develop new innovations, helping to improve and expand our culinary pallets and tastes to bring new dishes to the table to enjoy and cook. Without this, flavours, recipes, and new beloved dishes may have never been created.  

How can I be creative in cooking?

Cooking is commonly described as an art, therefore, by experimenting with flavours, cultures and dishes, allows chefs to not only experiment and create new and innovative meals, but to become a unique industry leader. For example, Heston Blumenthal who has become famous for his experimental and unusual take on food.

Planet Eat offer a wide variety of recipes, helping to improve your culinary knowledge and skills, you can find series to perfectly suit you and your goals here.  

Is cooking a talent or skill?

This is a common debate and there are arguments to support both of these theories. If you’re unsure whether you should begin cooking, the answer is yes. While it may seem, others have a natural take and talent for cooking, there is always room for improvement.

As taste and trends develop, the skills of chefs will also need to grow alongside these, therefore, while you may have a talent for cooking, the skills and expertise behind this will continuously need work to stay ahead of the game while you create delicious food.  

Let our exclusive series help inspire you to become more experimental in the kitchen with the help of renowned Chef Luke Dale Roberts. Enjoy watching Luke push flavours to their limits to prepare restaurant standard dishes.

Sign up today and learn how to make these unique dishes from the comfort of your own kitchen, ensuring your experimental recipes are something your guests will never forget. Simply browse Planet Eat’s online video series by subscribing today for a free 30-day trial. 

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