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Food Presenter Courses

Are you looking to break into the food presenting industry? Then Planet Eat, an online food and lifestyle channel, have the masterclasses for you. Watch a variety of food presenter classes hosted by industry professionals to help you note down the tricks of the trade. Learn industry secrets, presenting techniques and how to create engaging content.  Sign up to Planet Eat’s online channel for a free, 30-day trial. 

The Best of Our Online Food Presenting Masterclasses

Chef and media expert Tony Hindhaugh, teaches you how to effectively communicate and present food to your audience, allowing your passion for food to come through and connect with those watching like a professional. 

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Presenting expert Simon Davies teaches you the skills needed to keep the attention of your audience as a children’s food presenter. Simon coaches you through industry favoured skills and how to address the camera.

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Chef and media expert Tony Hindhaugh, discusses the elements to becoming a food presenter, teaching you the best ways to effectively communicate with your audience and showcase your passion for food, including filming tips and advice.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Food Presenter Courses

How do I know if I should be a food presenter?

Food presenting is for anyone who is passionate about food and wants to share this passion with others. If you’re someone who loves cooking and is great at talking to people, then food presenting is for you.

How do I become a food presenter?

There are no specific qualifications required to become a food presenter. In fact, many people begin their careers by working as runners or behind the scenes at television companies. Luckily, there are other new ways to get your name out there and create the content you like. Platforms such as YouTube and Instagram are relatively new ways people get into food presenting and influencing. By creating your own content, videos and tutorials, and discussing recipes tips and tricks, you can begin building your audience and expanding your online reach.

 Learn the best tips and tricks in the food presenting trade all from industry professionals. For more videos like these, simply sign up to Planet Eat’s food and lifestyle channel today and receive a free 30-day trial. 

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