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Online Masterclasses: Virtual Cocktail Making at Home

The Lab Guys at London’s acclaimed Farzi Café have collaborated with Planet Eat for an exclusive online cocktail making class, helping you bring the sophistication of the London bar scene into your own home.

Professional bartenders and mixologists, Din and Enji, will teach you how to make a cocktail at home, bringing something new to accompany your meals or to bring a new meaning to that Friday feeling.

Planet Eat, an online food and lifestyle channel have put together a series of easy to follow, delicious cocktails to make from home. Join The Lab Guys in this exclusive online cocktail making masterclass and sign up to our online platform for a free, 30-day trial today.

The Best Online Cocktail Making Masterclass Recipes in our Series

In this episode learn how to perfect the classic Martini.

A pop culture staple, join Din and Engji as they share their knowledge and the tricks to make this cocktail at home.

Watch and learn the recipe here.

In this episode, Din and Engji teach you how to make The Negroni.

This traditional is an Italian cocktail is the perfect bend of boozy and delicious, with a special twist to create a luxury cocktail experience.  

Watch and learn the recipe here.

This isn’t a cocktail you’ll find anywhere else, join Din and Engji as they teach you how to make this exclusive cocktail.

Every sip will surprise you with it’s delisious, sophisticated flavour.  

Watch and learn the recipe here.

Watch ONLY with a Planet Eat subscription.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Online Cocktail Making Masterclasses

What do you need to make cocktails at home?

There are some essential tools you need to successfully make cocktails from home, such as, a cocktail shaker, jigger, strainer, juicer, bar spoon, muddler, and a variety of glasses as per the cocktail you’re making.

Additionally, you’ll need to know which ingredients you need to each of the cocktails you’re making. 

How can I learn mixology?

There are a variety of ways you can learn mixology, in fact if you’re passionate about it there are classes and courses to follow to perfect your skills and expand your knowledge.

There are trends and flavours that often appear on the bar scene, leaning how to pair each flavour with what and what alcohol best accompanies these will help you create and mix a variety of cocktails and, possibly make your own.

What is the secret to a good cocktail?   

Essentially, the best way to make a cocktail is to follow the recipe, learning what flavours, alcohol and juices go together. Closely following the steps, learning the best recipes to accompany one another for a flavoursome and delightful tipple. 

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