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Online Masterclasses: Lemon Cooking & Baking Recipes

Planet Eat, an online food and lifestyle channel have put together a series of easy to follow, delicious lemon cooking recipes.

With spring approaching, bring the fresh taste of lemon into your cooking with Chef Yasemen Kaner-White as she shares the lemon recipes, she’s collected lemon recipes from around the world.

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The Best of our Lemon Recipe Collection

Join Yasemen Kaner-White as she teaches you the versatility of lemons and how you can use them in your cooking and everyday life.

In this exclusive ‘Lemon Compendium Recipes’, series Yasemen gives us her favourite lemon facts and beauty tips.

Watch and learn here.

Yasemen Kaner-White, returns to the Planet Eat Kitchen to show you how to make some of her favourite lemon recipes from her travels.

In this episode, Yasemen teachs you how to how to make a delisious Brioche Bread Pudding with Lemon and Earl Grey Tea Sauce, the perfect Easter weekend pudding.  

Watch and learn the recipe here.

In this episode of Yasemen's Lemon Compendium Recipes, she guides you through the process of making lemon stuffed canapes.

Learn how to make her take on the traditional Italian Lemoni Cotti al Forno, bringing the fresh lemon flavour into a savory dish.  

Watch and learn the recipe here.

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Frequently Asked Questions about our Lemon Compendium Recipes

What can I make with lemons?

Lemons are a highly versatile fruit, being useable in and out the kitchen, and therefore shouldn’t be mistaken as a measly garnish.

You can use it in desserts such as doughnuts, lemon curd, lemon meringue pie, cheesecake, and savoury meals from lemon risotto to salmon and other fish dishes.

How can I use lemon in savoury dishes?

Often, it is mistaken that lemon is a dessert flavour, when in fact, you can use it to bring flavour within your savoury dishes. 

Is it okay to cook lemon?  

Lemon is often used to bring flavour and add something to your dish. However, in recipes where lemon takes centre stage, you must be aware of the cooking time. If cooked for too long, you run the risk, concentrate the flavour and can making it bitter, losing the impact of the fruit.  

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