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How to Start Your Own Restaurant Business

Join restaurant finance expert, Ian Woodley, in this exclusive online masterclass as he shares his tips and tricks and advice on how to get into the industry.

Using his experience and knowledge, Ian guides you through a series of videos offering his advice on the key elements of starting your own restaurant business and what you need to consider if you want your new venture to become successful.

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How to Start Your Own Restaurant Business in Our Series

In this exclusive series Ian Woodley offers his advice and experience to those looking to start their own restaurant.

In this episode Ian lays out the best way to create a clear and simple business plan. Helping you to stand out to your potential investors and how to make an impact.

Watch and learn the recipe here.

Join Ian Woodley as he offers his experience and expertise to help you understand how to start your own restaurant.

In this episode Ian helps you find what to consider when deciding on your price point to deliver good value throughout your new business journey.  

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Let Ian Woodley teach you the tricks in the resturant rade, ofering industry experience to help you along the way.

In this episode Ian advises you why it’s impirtant not to be to eager, you shouldn’t take any offer that given to you.

Make sure you’re making an informed decision ensuring this is a long term relationship and investor that is right for you. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about How to Open a Restaurant

How much money does it take to start a restaurant business?

There’s no exact answer for this as everyone’s journey is different. However, research suggests that the average cost of opening a restaurant in the UK is £42,000 to begin with, this is likely to go up as more investment into the business starts.

Once you begin advertising, furnishing and supplying your restaurant the cost will inevitably rise. Other financial factors to consider include legal, property, design, suppliers, staff and more.

To put it simply, this isn’t a cheap process and it’s best to fully understand what you’re doing with the appropriate advisors, so you don’t fall short in the future. As a financial advisor, Ian Woodley offers a variety of financial perspectives you’ll need to take into account when starting your own restaurant business. You can stream his video series exclusively on Planet Eat here.

What are important factors to consider before opening a restaurant?

To begin with you’ll want to find reliable legal and business advisors who can help you with the initial stages of starting a new business or franchise.

There is a long list of requirements you’ll need to complete before you can even begin to start putting the finished product together and unfortunately, this includes a large pile of legal paperwork and documentation.

From branding, naming, loans, mortgages, furnishings, advertising, and marketing, amongst many more, there are many levels to complete before you can officially open your restaurant. Therefore, we suggest getting in touch with an experienced professional advisor to help you along the way.

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