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One Pot Recipes for Entertaining

Looking to prepare a quick and simple meal for your dinner party? Luckily, Planet Eat have got your covered. One pot recipes are a simple and convenient way of preparing a delicious meal with as little hassle as possible. Typically cooked in ‘one pot’ as the name suggests, all you need to di is put the ingredients together and let them cook.

Planet Eat, is online cooking and lifestyle channel, producing a series of creative and delicious easy to follow recipes ideal for sharing when entertaining family and friends, that are guaranteed to leave them asking for more.

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The One Pot Recipes for Entertaining in Our Series

Cooking for one doesn't mean you have to sacrifice on taste and quality. Jane Sarchet creates a simple bacon and mushroom noodles in one pot that reduces mess for a simple meal for one.

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Join Chef Jane Sarchet an expert at whipping up delicious and creative recipes with fresh and nutritious ingredients.

In this episode, Jane teaches you how to whip up a simple and easy egg fried rice, all conveniently cooked in on pot. Perfect for a lunch date or as a side to a main meal. This is guaranteed to please your guests.

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Join Chef Jane Sarchet in this exclusive online masterclass and she guides you through simple, one pot recipes using fresh and nutritious ingredients.

In this episode Jane shows you how to make the perfect chicken fajitas. This popular choice is sure to go down a treat with your guests.

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Frequently Asked Questions about our One Dish Dinner Party Recipes

What are one pot meals?

To put it simply, a one pot or dish meal is a meal prepared in one convenient vessel, whether that be a slow cooker, wok, skillet or casserole dish, you’ll be able to make something extraordinarily delicious and warming.

These types of meals are beyond convenient, you can simply put together the ingredients and let it cook, allowing you to focus on other daily activities or preparations for your dinner party. These meals are packed with flavour and nutrition helping you get the foods you need, in mouth-watering dishes. You can find Planet Eat’s list of one pot meals here.

Host the best dinner parties with our simple and delicious one pot recipes. For more ideas like these, simply browse Planet Eat’s other online video recipes and subscribe today for a free 30-day trial. 

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