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Online Butchery Classes

Thinking of starting a career in butchery? or simply want to brush up your skills and refresh your memory? Luckily, Planet Eat, have put together multiple series of online butchery masterclasses to help showcase the basic techniques of butchery. Our professional chefs and butchers show you the skills favoured by the industry so you can understand the workmanship it takes to become a fully-fledged butcher. Sign up to Planet Eat’s online food and lifestyle channel today and receive a free, 30-day trial. 

Butchery Masterclasses in Our Series

One of Britain's top butchers, Simon Taylor offers insight into the skills required to practice traditional butchery with modern inspiration. If you’re looking to get into the industry or expand your knowledge surrounding meat, this easy to follow masterclass is for you. 

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Experienced butcher Mat Gothard offers a butchery masterclass teaching you the skills favoured by traditional and modern butchers and how you can apply these. He cuts and cooks with various cuts of meat including lamb featured in this episode. You can watch the series on Planet Eat now.  

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In this masterclass allow Butcher Farrell to teach you the butchery techniques that help you get the most out of your meat. The classic British sausage roll takes centre stage in this episode. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Our Online Butchery Masterclasses

How do you become a meat butcher?

When looking to become a butcher, you will find that training is generally provided while you work. You won’t necessarily need any formal education to start your career but must secure a placement at your local butcher. However, there are also copious amounts of online training available including our online butchery classes.

Through Planet Eat’s classes, you'll begin to understand the terminology and theory behind the role, allowing yourself to become more familiar with the workmanship it takes to become a butcher.

Is butchery a good career choice?

Once you have learnt the tricks of the trade and have secured yourself a position to grow within the business, butchery is a solid career path. The great thing about butchery is that it is not something that is easily done with machinery operated systems. You will have learnt desirable, respectable skills for the industry that will never become obsolete.

How long does it take to become a butcher?

Once you have secured a job role, it can take a minimum of 2 years to become fully trained in butchery. Of course, like any career, your skills and knowledge will become stronger the more experience you have and time you spend in the industry.

These easy to follow online butchery classes are available to stream from Planet Eat’s online food and lifestyle channel. For more videos, browse more cooking masterclasses and  subscribe today with a free 30-day trial. 

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