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Tasty Pasta Recipes & Masterclasses on Planet Eat

Enjoy the simplicity of pasta with our exclusive online masterclasses. Pasta is a worldwide favourite, from home cooked meals to restaurant dining, our traditional, Italian staple has stood the test of time for its fantastic diversity of dishes.

Enjoy a variety of delicious but basic pasta recipes bought to you by Planet Eat. From restaurant standard to basic pasta recipes, you are guaranteed to find something to whip up and serve and enjoy.

Planet Eat, an online food streaming platform have put together a series of easy to follow, delicious recipes to make from the comfort of your own kitchen. Sign up to our online platform for a free 30-day trial today. 

Basic but Tasty Pasta Recipes in our Series

Learn how to make the most authentic, rustic Italian food in your home with this masterclass from Italian chef, Francesco Mattana.

Cacio e pepe is a typical Roman pasta dish made from just three simple ingredients – cheese, pepper and spaghetti. 

Watch now here.

Learn how to make hearty and authentic Italian food with Chef Isabella Franco. In this episode learn how to make this delicious linguine al cartoccio.

Learn the recipe here and watch now here.

Create, simple and delicious, recipes with ‘Fridge-raiders’ Chef Dimo and Alice.

In this episode they showcase how to make their quick and easy ‘Pimped Up Pesto Pasta' and take this classic pasta dish to the next level.  

Watch the series here.

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Frequently Asked Questions about our Tasty Pasta Recipes

Is it worth making your own pasta?

The short answer is yes. It might seem like you’re just adding more time to an otherwise quick and easy meal, but realistically, its easy and even quicker to cook. See more of our homemade pasta recipes here.

Learning the technique may take a few tried but once you get the hang of it, this is a quick alternative to using pre-made pasta, and the delicious fresh flavour can’t be disputed.

The pasta will need to cook for roughly 2-3 minutes, which is half the time shop bought pasta takes. The easiest way to tell it’s done is to keep an eye out and once it floats to the top it should be perfect.  

Simple and easy ways to elevate your pasta dish

here are many ways you can improve and elevate your pasta dishes.

Try cooking your pasta in olive oil with a pinch of salt, this will infuse into the pasta and produce a light flavouring to compliment your sauce and other components. This will also help separate the starch and prevent the pasta from getting sticky and soft.

You can also use garlic, a variation of meat (not just minced beef), hot pepper flakes, red wine, herbs, cheese, cream, or butter to help improve the flavour of your sauces. Depending on the style of your dish you may want to consider experimenting with new herbs, flavours and ingredients to change your dish for the better.   

What can I mix with pasta?

There’s a reason why pasta is a strong staple in everyone’s kitchen across the world. Pasta is extremely diverse and has health benefits.

If you love pasta but want to see how else you can serve it, you can include these key ingredients to experiment and create a new favourite. These items include: lemon, butter, mascarpone, cream and other cheeses (seasoned with herbs), white or red wine, mushroom, bacon, chicken and a variety of fish including, tuna, scallions, capers, scallops, salmon and shrimp, you can also try quick and simple Italian sauces such as pesto to provide a quick alternative.  

Learn how to cook from our exclusive variety of tasty pasta recipes, brining the fresh taste of traditional Italian foods straight to your table. Our easy to follow masterclasses are perfect for other foodies, like us. Simply browse Planet Eat’s online video series by subscribing today for a free 30-day trial. 

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