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Sourdough Recipes

Make incredibly tasty sourdough bread with our sourdough recipes. Sourdough rises without the use of natural yeast, which makes it an incredibly healthy alternative to traditional bread, along with a slightly tangy flavour and chewy texture, sourdough can be relatively easy to make. Planet Eat’s series of sourdough recipes allow you to cook along at home, making the perfect loaf from scratch. Subscribe for a free 30-day trial today. 

Sourdough Recipes from Our Series

Our simple, easy to follow sourdough series allows you to bake the perfect bread again and again, loaf after loaf. Follow baker Kevan Roberts through our latest series.

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Make homemade sourdough pizza alongside chef Francesco. Making the perfect dough can be a hard task, but with his expertise you’ll enjoy creating the perfect pizza

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Make your own sourdough bread starter accompanied by garlic prawns with the help of Kelly Stratton. A simple dish packed full of flavour.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Sourdough Recipes

Why is sourdough bread good for you?

Sourdough is said to have substantial health benefits, including promoting gut health and is a perfect accompaniment to a balanced diet since it is full of fibre.

Can you use regular flour for sourdough?

Whilst bread flour is recommended, normal flour can be used as a substitute. However, your recipe will be required to use less water compared to normal bread flour as the absorption rate of water is lower.

Why is sourdough so popular?

Sourdough is a trending type of bread right now. In lockdown, sourdough bread became a coronavirus staple, with many households having more time at home to trial baking. Since flour was so hard to get hold of, many people turned to making sourdough bread as a solution.

This easy to watch series on sourdough bread recipes allows you to cook alongside professional chefs in an effort to make the perfect loaf. To see our recipes using sourdough bread, how to make it, or any other cooking or lifestyle classes browse Planet Eat’s website today. Subscribe today with a free 30-day trial. 

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