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Recipes for One

Whether you live alone, are indulging in a special recipe no one else likes, or looking to freeze single meals to eat during the week, meals that cater for one are becoming increasingly popular amongst our audience. Single servings and small batch dinners are ideal for those not wanting huge leftovers, as eating the same meal all week gets dull. Planet Eat’s recipes for one are now available to stream via their online cooking and lifestyle channel. Subscribe today for a free 30-day trial. 

Meal for One Recipes from Our Series

Cooking for one doesn't mean you have to sacrifice on taste and quality. Jane Sarchet creates a simple bacon and mushroom noodles in one pot that reduces mess for a simple meal for one.

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Cooking in a camper or small space can be difficult. Jane Sarchet provides some fantastic recipes for meals for one that are both simple and delicious. Learn how to make the ultimate BLT in this episode.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Dinner for One Recipes

How do you cook healthy for one?

Just because you’re cooking for one, it doesn’t mean microwave meals are the answer. Its relatively easy to create healthy dinners for one provided you’re organised and have proper meal planning. Follow our recipes above for more.

What can I have for meals one on a budget?

Cooking a singular meal for whatever reason doesn’t have to be expensive. By using the ingredients, you can find in your cupboard at home, it is easy to create tasty meals for one. You can always freeze any extra portions to have another day if you’d rather create larger meals.

What should I make for lunch for one person?

There are a variety of small meals for one that would make fantastic lunches. From salads to pasta dishes, sandwiches and soup. View our range of meals for one online cooking tutorials, where you can cook alongside well-known chefs to create your perfect meal.

These delicious dinner for one recipes are the perfect solution if you’re a single household, have a significant other travelling for work, or looking to indulge in your own special meal. Planet Eat’s online cooking classes have plenty of inspiration just for you. Simply sign up and receive a free 30-day trial to get started. 

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