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The Best Comfort Food Recipes to Curl Up With

We all need a warm hug in the form of some good food once in a while. Whether you're having some down time or deserve a treat, luckily, Planet Eat has a variety of delicious, easy to follow video recipes to help satisfy your craving for comfort foods showcased by professional chefs. Sign up to Planet Eat’s online platform for a free, 30-day trial today. 

The Best Comfort Food Recipes in Our Series

This delicious one pot stove top ham and cheese toastie is the perfect Comfort Food, warming you up from the inside out. It is guaranteed to become a new favourite when looking for that pick me up. Watch food blogger Jane Sarchet’s quick and easy recipe here.  

Watch now here.

The Vegan Pixie, Georgia Stait, has put together the ultimate brownies with a Biscoff drizzle, and better yet, they're completely vegan. This perfect sweet treat is an indulgent brownie that’s sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

Watch and learn the recipe here.

American Chef LC provides her online masterclass exclusive to Planet Eat. She showcases how to whip up the perfect creamy mac and cheese. This classic American Comfort Food is quick and easy to put together so that you can make it at home whenever you feel like it.

Watch the series here.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Our Comfort Food Recipes

What does Comfort Food really mean?

Comfort Food is usually recognised as a type of food which is high in calories or carbs and is quick and simple to make. The type of food that is typically categorised as comfort food include pizza, chocolate, pies and chips, in other words, the food types that aren't always the best for you. There is a huge variety of Comfort Food across the globe, and each dish varies from one person to another. It is usually recognised as nostalgic, typically relating to a culture or memory.

Why do we crave Comfort Food?

We typically relate Comfort Food with nostalgia, and when we're feeling in need of a boost in positivity it is natural to reach for those foods we relate to those happy memories.

It is suggested through studies that eating food high in fat, sugar or salt activates the brain's reward system, meaning that certain types of food will trigger positive response and moods once consumed. This is another reason as to why we reach for comfort foods.

These tasty comfort food recipes are guaranteed to satisfy your food cravings. For more recipes like these, simply browse Planet Eat’s other online masterclasses and subscribe today for a free 30-day trial. 

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