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Winter warmers: Vegetarian Slow Cooker Recipes

Slow cookers are well known for their helpfulness in the kitchen, allowing you to prepare and cook hearty, warming meals in a simple and convenient way, so you can experience a variety of cuisine to fit in with your busy lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for meat slow cooker recipes or vegetarian slow cooker recipes, there’s something for everyone. Planet Eat, the popular online cooking and lifestyle channel has created a series of easy to follow vegetarian recipes to try. Sign up to our online platform for a free, 30-day trial today.

Vegetarian Recipes for your Slow Cooker in Our Series

Adapted from an old Kenyan recipe, Githeri features slow-cooked beans and sweet corn in a pot with a mixture of ingredients you likely already have at home.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Vegetarian Slow Cooker Recipes

Are slow cookers good for vegetarian meals?

Slow cookers are great for vegetarians, vegans, and meat eaters. There are plenty of high quality recipes you can do in your slow cooker to get the best out of it, from stews and casseroles to curries. It is often assumed that slow cookers are only good for meat-based dishes, however, with more vegetarian alternatives available on the market, it's easy to find the perfect dish.

What vegetarian food should I not put in the slow cooker?

While slow cookers are convenient for pre-prepared hearty meals, there are some ingredients that just don't work as well as others and as a vegetarian meal, it's even trickier to iron these out. Food such as delicate vegetables (asparagus, spinach & aubergine), couscous, rice and pasta are items you should avoid as they can spoil in pre-longed cooking conditions. Stick to sturdier products like carrots, potatoes and squashes when making your slow cooker meals.

Can I put Quorn in a slow cooker?

Quorn do not recommend putting Quorn products in a slow cooker as being exposed to the cooking temperature for a long period of time can cause it to change texture. It’s suggested that if you’re looking for an alternative to use a product like Tofu instead.

Want to see more vegetarian recipes? Planet Eat offers a fine selection of online cooking courses and masterclasses for you to enjoy at home to brush up on your chef skills. For more of our videos, sign up to a free, 30-day trial today. 

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