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Planet Eat Masterclasses: Professional Online Cooking Classes

These online cooking classes provide you with the skills, knowledge, and techniques to making incredible food at home. Becoming a good cook takes practice and expertise, and until not everyone has access to professional chefs guide you through fun and easy to watch tutorials. Planet Eat, an online food channel, offers a variety of cooking masterclasses hosted by well-known chefs to help inspire you in the kitchen. Sign up to our online platform for a free, 30-day trial today. 

The Professional Cooking Classes in Our Series

BBQ expert Marcus Bawdon teaches you how to master the barbecue grill providing you with the best tips and fundamental skills you need. Marcus guides you through making juicy pork chops paired with flavoursome nduja butter. 

Watch this video and the rest of the series now.

In this series, Chef Rohit Ghai teaches you how to perfect Michelin star Indian recipes from home. Learn how to make restaurant standard Chicken Tikka Masala in the episode above. 

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Chef Kelly Stretton offers online cooking masterclasses to help elevate your home cooking, creating dishes perfect for the family or hosting dinner parties. In this episode, learn how to make her famous Lamb Shank Shepherd’s Pie. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about Our Online Cooking Masterclasses

What are the benefits of cookery classes?

Cooking classes allow you to enhance your cooking skills and develop your abilities. If cooking is your passion or you've become tired of the same repeated recipes you stick to on a weekly basis, completing an online cooking masterclass will help you become more adventurous in the kitchen. This helps you build more confidence in your abilities and in turn you can create some new, delicious and exciting favourites at home.

Are cooking classes worth it?

Everyone has their own reasons for joining a cooking class, whether you aim to improve your confidence and skills, learn new techniques or help kickstart your culinary carer. Either way, cooking classes are a great way to achieve all these things.

It is important that you find the right class for you and your learning objectives, so shop around and make sure you are happy with the provider you're selecting.

Once you are confident with the class you're enrolled in and what you want to achieve from them, cooking classes are more than worth it. They allow you to grow self-confidence in an area that you're passionate about. They expand your knowledge and skills to help improve your abilities and help you achieve your personal goals in the culinary industry.

How can I learn cooking online?

There are a variety of cooking masterclasses online to choose from including here at Planet Eat. Therefore, you can easily locate a class that best suits your skills, objectives, and culinary style.

With detailed step-by-step tutorials available online you can work at your own pace, allowing you to easily learn through video and written recipe without the concern that you're lost in a crowd of others. These online cooking classes are made to enjoy, you can learn while you view, taking any inspiration forward to help enhance the skills you have or have an interest in.

These easy to follow, online cooking classes will inspire you to be more adventurous in the kitchen, bringing a variety of high-quality, delicious meals from the screen to your plate. For more videos like these, simply browse Planet Eat’s online food and lifestyle channel and sign up to receive a free 30-day trial. 

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