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Tasty Salad Recipes by Planet Eat

Never underestimate a salad! Learn how to make delicious salads with the help of Planet Eat. Salads don’t have to be boring health food. In fact, they’re a great option for a light lunch or a simple dinner, the benefits being you’re enjoying something that’s better for you.

So, if you’re prepping for a BBQ or are looking for lighter, tastier lunches, learn how to take your salads to the next level with Planet Eat’s simple salad recipes.

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Tasty Salad Recipes in our Series

n this exclusive masterclass, ‘food and fitness’ you’ll learn how to confidently whip up balanced, healthy and delicious meals with the help of Chefs Kelly Stretton and Amy Jo Simpson.

In this episode learn how to make a delicious hot chicken salad.  

Watch and learn the recipe here.

In this materclass, join Chef Anita Kerai AKA the Asian Vegetrian as she teaches you how to make unique and delicious vegan and vegetarian dishes.

In this episode learn how to make a simple, but flavoursome corn and black bean salad.  

Learn the recipe here and watch now here.

In this exclusive masterclass, ‘magic and pasta’, join Chef Isabella Franco as she teaches you how to make delicious and authentic Italian food.

In this episode learn how to make a peach and Panzanella salad. From BBQs to lunch and dinner, this is guaranteed to become a firm favourite.  

Watch here.

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Frequently Asked Questions about our Tasty Salad Recipes

How can I make salad taste better?

The key to making your salad taste better is to season. If you’re finding that your salad is becoming bland, then use this as a blank canvas and begin seasoning and pairing your salad base with extra flavoursome ingredients. Some common suggestions include:

  • Extra-virgin olive oil for texture and richness.
  • Salt.
  • Lemon or lime juice for a biter fruitiness to help balance out your leaves.
  • Vinegar. There are so many options allowing you to add a new flavour each time to prevent your salad from becoming boring.

It’s best to avoid heavy dressings and croutons if you’re eating salads for health benefits, however, if you’re not calorie counting, there are a huge variety of dressings that add flavour and crunch to your salads.  

What are the healthiest salads?

Many people result to salad to cut down on heavy meals and become healthier. Some of the most healthy and simple salads include:

  • Grilled chicken salad
  • Salmon salad
  • Tuna salad
  • Quinoa and kale salad.
  • Tomato and avocado salad 

What are good salad toppings?

You can add almost any food to a salad, but some toppings are more nutritious than others. Below is a variation of popular salad toppings:

  • Chopped raw vegetables.
  • Nuts and seeds.
  • Dried fruit.
  • Wholegrains.
  • Light dressings and vinaigrettes
  • Croutons.  

Planet Eat are here to help prove that salads don’t have to be boring. Our simple salad recipes are guaranteed to become a firm favourite, allowing you to enjoy your food, minus the guilt.

Take your salads to the next level and begin enjoying healthy eating. Stream Planet Eat’s tasty salad recipes and more by subscribing today for a free 30-day trial. 

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