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Easy Sustainable Cooking Recipes on Planet Eat

Want to eat more sustainably? Then look no further, Planet Eat have teamed together with food writer and chef, Jane Sarchet, as she shows us that eating more eco-friendly can be delicious. She showcases her easy sustainable recipes for you to enjoy and cook from the comfort of your own home.

Join Jane as she shows us around her picturesque farm in Cornwall in her exclusive series The Hedgecombers. Follow her food adventurers as she combines, simple, foraged and traditional food styles to produce, easy sustainable food recipes to help you cook with the planet in mind.

If you’re looking to develop your cooking skill, wanting to become a chef or start a food blog, our online cooking channel is for you. Welcome to Planet Eat. Start a free 30-day trial today. 

Sustainable Cooking Recipes in our Series

In this episode, Jane introduces us to her farm in Cornwall. Sharing her delicious recipe for 5-minute berry jam and duck tacos, and the importance of sustainable farming and produce.  

Watch and learn here.

In this action packed episode of her exclusive series, Jane shows us how to make the best poached eggs, then visits Woodland Valley Farm. You’ll also learn how to make the perfect flapjacks and delicious crispy pork belly. 

Watch and learn the recipe here.

In this episode, join Jane as she reflects on her adventures in the Cornish countryside and the ways in which she believes food can bring us together.  

Watch the episode here

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Frequently Asked Questions about our Sustainable Cooking Recipes

What is sustainable cooking?

In short, sustainable cooking is preparing and cooking meals that not only benefit your health but benefit the environment.

By becoming more aware of the foods you’re eating and where they are sourced from, you can begin to make more eco-friendly choices that will ultimately benefit the planet as well as your personal health and wellbeing.  

What are some of the most sustainable meals?

There are many delicious sustainable recipes and meals to enjoy. It goes without saying that a variety of freshly, and if you can, homegrown vegetables are a great way to eat well. Preparing vegetables such as potatoes, broccoli, cabbage, mushrooms, courgette, carrots and parsnips, and other sustainable foods including leafy greens, rice, beans, and fruits is good too.

This, however, doesn’t mean you have to be vegetarian or vegan. There are ways to be more sustainable when choosing your source of meat. For example, shop through local butchers, who tend to have a good relationship with farmers with a shorter farm to fork journey. This reduces the carbon dioxide produced during production. Through a variety of studies, fish and poultry tend to be the most eco-friendly meats, closely followed by pork

Why is cooking at home sustainable?

Cooking from home allows you to choose and prepare a more sustainable selection of foods, something you otherwise wouldn’t have a say in of visiting a restaurant.

Home cooking is a great way to not only eat more sustainable foods, but to use less energy and reduce your food waste with leftovers or specific portion sizing that won’t end up in your bin.

Start cooking more sustainably with our easy to follow recipes. Join Chef Jane Sarchet in our exclusive series, The Hedgecombers. Learn how to eat, buy and cook more sustainably, helping to make delicious food with the planet in mind. Rest easy and enjoy fantastic food without the guilt. Simply browse Planet Eat’s online video series and subscribe today for a free 30-day trial.

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