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Simple Breakfast Recipes from Planet Eat

As they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why not take the time to make energising, tasty dishes to enjoy before heading out?

Start the morning off right with our delicious series of simple breakfast recipes. Don't just stick to tea and toast, add some flare into your morning routine by making the breakfast you dream of eating.

Planet Eat, an online food and lifestyle channel have put together a series of easy to follow, delicious recipes to make from the comfort of your own kitchen. Sign up to our online platform for a free, 30-day trial today. 

The Best of our Simple Breakfast Recipes in our Series

Join Chef Kerri McGuinness as she teaches you how to make fluffy and delicious pancakes, perfect for a lazy weekend morning.

This is the perfect option for a healthy and simple breakfast that’s guaranteed to become a frequent favourite.  

Watch now here.

In this episode of One Pot Campervan, join Chef Jane as she makes sweet cinnamon eggy bread.

This simple breakfast recipe required very little preparation time or effort and is perfect for a lazy morning. 

Watch and learn the recipe here.

In this episode Chef Cat Sheppard, you will teach how to make the simplest, most delicious poached egg.

This traditional breakfast is a recipe book staple. Enjoy a healthy breakfast avoiding fried foods everyday by perfecting your cooking skills to serve up a 5-star start to your day.

Watch and learn the recipe here.

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Frequently Asked Questions About our Simple Breakfast Recipes

What is good to have for breakfast?

It’s best to start off your day right, so it’s key to ensure you’re targeting your key food groups when prepping your meals, especially if you’re looking for more than your average slice of toast or bowl of cereal.

In the morning you want to be energised, so foods like avocado, banana, porridge and eggs are a great way to help you wake up and feel ready to face the day.

If you’re feeling more adventurous omelettes, bagels, eggs benedict, or English muffins are a great quick and simple alterative.

However, if you’ve got the time and are feeling a treat, pancakes, waffles, full English breakfasts (vegan and vegetarian friendly options too), are the perfect indulgent feast to help see you through. You can browse our library of delicious breakfast dishes.

What shouldn’t I have for breakfast?

It can be tempting to pick up a ‘grab and go’ breakfast to go alongside your tea or coffee, or maybe completely skip it. However, this often doesn’t do the trick and you’ll find yourself tired and hungry before lunch comes around.

Breakfast bars, granola bars, biscuits, or pre-packaged cereal pots as these are often packed with sugar and their effects don’t last long, making you more likely to feel tired and snack. Make sure you give your body what it needs to function better, and this is often the healthier option too.

How can I have a good breakfast on a budget?

You can always make a healthy, nutritious breakfast on a budget. Granola and oats don’t cost a fortune and you can often pair these with fruit and yoghurt at a low price too.

If you’re looking to make more adventurous breakfasts, then making from scratch is often more budget friendly. Flour, eggs, sugar and bread are affordable ingredients that you can use in our easy-to-follow recipes.

Breakfast doesn’t have to be boring, some straightforward planning and ingredient preparation is all that’s needed for a brilliant morning meal. Simply browse our simple breakfast recipes or Planet Eat’s other online recipes and video masterclasses by subscribing today for a free 30-day trial.

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