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Delicious Kenyan Recipes from Planet Eat

Bring the taste of Kenya into your kitchen by following our range of delicious Kenyan recipes brought to you from expert Chef Anita Kerai.

Join Anita as she travels across Kenya in her exclusive series ‘Return to Kenya’ as she visits her old home, learning new and exciting recipes as well as traditional favourites on the road, teaming with locals’ celebrities and chefs to prepare some truly delicious cuisine.

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Delicious Kenyan Recipes in our Series

In this first episode join Anita as she visits her old home and prepares food for an assembly of school children.

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In this episode. join Anita as she works out with the Kenyan Cricket Team in Nairobi before getting them to cook for her and the club members.  

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Watch as Anita cooks breakfast by the river before heading off to her friend’s tea plantation to make a brew with fresh tea leaves and goes on to make a unique fruit curry.

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Frequently Asked Questions about our Kenyan Recipes

What is the most famous and traditional Kenyan dish?

There are many popular Kenyan dishes popular in both the country of origin and around the world. However, Ugali, is commonly referred to across the recipe books.

Ugali is starch cornmeal made with maize flour and is often paired with saucy beef, mushroom, or fish stew to provide a hearty meal. Another common favourite is Kenya’s national dish nyama choma which is essentially barbecued meat that will be served alongside an array of sides.

Is Kenyan food always spicy?

In short, no. Spice is an element that occurs when the dishes are seasoned, however not all food is seasoned with spicy elements. Some foods may contain spicy vegetables, however that is down to your take on the recipe, if spice isn’t your thing there are many alternatives and seasonings which you can use to adapt the dish to your own liking, taking the baseline of traditional Kenyan food, and putting your own spin on it.

Can I enjoy Kenyan foods if I’m vegetarian?

There are many vegetarian friendly foods for you to enjoy. In fact, many dishes are out together form locally sourced ingredients, many of them vegetables.

Some popular vegetarian Kenyan foods include Ugali, vegetative stew, chapati, githeri and ndengu. An array of succulent fresh fruits is also popular.

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