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Indian Cooking Recipes & Masterclasses

Indian cooking is inspired by a diverse collection of cultures and has become popular across the globe, for providing an array of flavours, herbs and spices when creating flavoursome dishes to bring to the table.

Bring restaurant-quality dishes to your home by following our online cooking masterclasses. Learn precise and innovative cooking techniques along the way, enabling to upscale your cooking skills and begin serving high quality flavoursome Indian cooking from the comfort of your own kitchen.

Planet Eat is an online cooking and lifestyle channel, offering a wide range of delicious and easy to follow recipes and masterclasses to help you bring in flavours from around the world into your home. Sign up to Planet Eat’s online platform for a free, 30-day trial today. 

The Best Indian Recipes in our Series

Rohit Ghai begins his online masterclasses with the beloved Chicken Tikka Masala.

Looking to upscale your skills? Or do you want to elevate this universally loved dish to a restaurant-standard in your own kitchen? Either way, this is the perfect online recipe for you.

Rohit shares his tips and tricks to help create high quality meals in your own kitchen. 

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This rich and delicious curry uses a popular preparation method from North India, paired with a lamb shank and seasoned with traditional Indian flavours.

Rohit Ghai teaches you how to prepare this special, restaurant-standard dish at home. Perfect for a special occasion or if you’re really looking to impress your guests with your cooking.

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Rohit Ghai teaches you how to make the famous South Indian dishes, Jheenga Moilee.

This creamy and rich coconut based curry cooked with fresh prawns is bound to bring authentic tastes of India into your kitchen.

This recipe takes no time at all, meaning you can simply whip it up for an eavening of hassle-free hosting or for the fmaily dinner after a long day at work. 

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Frequently Asked Questions about our Indian Cooking Recipes

Is Indian cooking healthy?

Over time, Indian cooking has come to be linked to high sugar and carb intakes due to the influx of Indian takeaways and unproportioned home cooking.

Traditional Indian cooking is not only healthy, if served correctly, but completely delicious with potential health benefits.

Why is Indian food so expensive?

Indian food can be expensive due to the large quantity of high-quality spices and flavourings that go into the cooking process.

If you’re buying these pre-made, the sauces can take hours to prepare and cook in order to provide the most authentic and delicious flavouring possible. Additionally, if you’re cooking these from scratch at home, the initial collection of these spices can rack up the bill.

Bring the taste of India into your kitchen with our online masterclasses. For more recipes like these, simply browse Planet Eat’s other online video recipes and subscribe today for a free 30-day trial. 

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