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Recipes for Entertaining

Whether you’re hosting a small, intimate dinner party or an extravagant event focused on the food, our easy to follow recipes for entertaining are bound to impress even the pickiest of guests. Planet Eat have created several easy to follow cooking tutorials with celebrity guests and well-known foodies for the best entertaining recipes for passionate food-lovers. Sign up to Planet Eat’s online platform for a free, 30-day trial today. 

Recipes for Entertaining in Planet Eat’s Series

Chef Suzie Mandleburg unveils a mouth-watering dinner party side dish that will get guests excited. Suzie’s Asian Slaw is a firm favourite for dinner parties all year round with the ability to incorporate seasonal veg. 

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Placing an exciting spin on the traditional sausage roll, chef Suzie Mandleburg showcases her quick and easy entertaining recipe for Chorizo sausage rolls that’s bound to be a hit at any dinner party. 

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Fancy something more opulent? Impress your guests with traditional South Indian cuisine, Jheenga Moilee, a traditional creamy curry recipe by Mitchelin star chef Rohit Ghai. This is a fantastic recipe for entertaining

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Frequently Asked Questions about Entertaining and Dinner Party Recipes

How do you entertain at a dinner party?

Coupling fantastic food with some great entertainment is bound to make a dinner party successful (and winning if you’re competing against friends!). Adding games like Mr and Mrs or Pictionary, making cocktails together or even creating a themed dinner party will excite guests and ensure they have a great time.

How long after guests arrive should dinner be served?

Ultimately you work on your own schedule and will depend on the number of guests, the dinner party recipes you choose and the entertainment you have planned. Generally, hosts leave 15-30 minutes between courses, leaving around half an hour before appetisers are served so that guests can settle in and socialise.

Who gets served first at a dinner party?

As a general rule, the host is always served last, with the priority being any guests of honour present. If this is not the case, then according to dinner party etiquette meals from the kitchen are distributed anticlockwise to the right of the host. This is the case at more formal dinner parties.

If guests are serving themselves in a more casual setting, there is no particular order in which they must fill their plates, but the host generally waits until last.

These delicious recipes for entertaining will help you create the perfect meals for you and your guests. For more recipes like this, simply browse Planet Eat’s online cooking classes and subscribe today with a free 30-day trial. 

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